Tiny changes, remarkable results.

Based on the easy yet proven habit change system from the NYT best-seller by James Clear, Atoms is a habit app like no other.

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Atoms is the only app built on scientifically-backed laws of habit change


Make it


Make it


Make it easy.


Make it satisfying.

Why we’re different

We know what really works

We built Atoms on the proven principles of habit change: make it obvious, make it attractive, make it easy, make it satisfying.

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We meet you where you are

We believe building lasting habits means starting small and stretching just the right amount. We guide you through finding that balance.

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We evolve as you evolve

We help you adjust habits that aren’t sticking, and level them up just the right amount as you make personal progress.

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We’re in it for the long-haul

We support you in creating accountability and learning the mindsets essential to lasting positive change.

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We know what it takes to show up

We know everybody needs reminders to return to what matters most, and we support you in building that system.

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Build good habits, break bad ones, and make better decisions in just five good minutes a day. Get started today and cast a vote for future you.

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Atoms is designed to help you take action

Our core features are designed to help you build better habits, track progress, and make lasting change.

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Not just any habit

Identity-based habits

Start small and build habits based on the kind of person you want to become.
Get guidance on how to start at the right size for you. Create consistency by committing to a time and place. Build habits anchored in meaningful identities.

Supportive environment

A journey with support

Atoms works with you, not against you, as your journey through making lasting change. It’s not about perfection, it’s about consistency and we are here to help you figure out what works best for you.

Habit reminders

Everyone needs a nudge

Set up reminders that are unique to you. Need a reminder for the exact time your habit should be performed? No problem. Need a few reminders throughout the day so your habit stays top of mind? We do that to.

Daily Lessons

Use Atoms to stay motivated and change your mindset with lessons from James Clear, delivered daily.

  • Make Your Habits Fun

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    If you're struggling to stick to a habit because it feels like a hassle, then pick a different version of that habit.

    Different people like different things. Find the most enjoyable version of each habit you do. Make your habits fun...

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  • Aim to Be Great in 10 Years

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    Many people build new habits because they are hoping to get better results.

    Results take time.

    Most big, deeply satisfying accomplishments in life take years to achieve. This can include building a business, cultivating a loving relationship, writing a book, getting in the best shape of your life, raising a family, and more...

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  • Start Small

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    When it comes to building better habits, the most important decision is choosing the right habit to work on.

    One of the most common mistakes people make is trying to do too much in the beginning.

    It's easy to get excited when thinking about the habits you want to change...

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  • Everything is Imperfect

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    Start now. Optimize later.

    One of the biggest traps is trying to plan the perfect habit from the beginning. Remember that an imperfect start can always be improved. Obsessing over a perfect plan will never take you anywhere on its own...

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Get started today with the app based on the NYT best-seller that has already helped over 20 million people.

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See what people are saying about Atoms

Love the flexibility.

“The personalized focus of the habit you create make it unique and more beneficial to you. I’d tried another habit building app and it wasn’t as user friendly. Having a desired outcome requirement makes the habit continue to resonate with me each time. This program is encouraging but not intrusive. Good job!”

User from USA
App Store Review

Best habits app to ever exist.

“This is the best habits app you’ll ever use. Download it, it might just change your life (it changed mine).”

User from Canada
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Harnesses our psychology to enact change.

“I love this app more than I expected to. By forcing me to link the habit to my identity, and because the app has a satisfying hold while the circle expands ending with a vibrate reward when I mark a habit as complete, it's a bit Pavlovian in a good way!”

User from USA
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Helps my focus.

“I’ve read the book, and can talk the talk. Now I’m learning to walk the walk…thank you!”

User from UK
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Life changing.

“I love the science of how this works. I aim to write one sentence, and of course I write a lot more. It’s brilliant. Couldn’t recommend more.”

User from UK
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The best habit app on earth.

“Atoms app is a fantastic tool for habit building and tracking. Its simple design and intuitive interface make it easy to set up and monitor habits, even for those who are new to habit tracking apps. The app’s focus on habit formation is evident in its features, which provide helpful reminders and progress tracking to keep users on track.”

User from India
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